Game of Thrones First Aid Class

Admittedly, taking a first aid class is boring. Its even worse when you're teaching people who really don't want to be there if it wasn't for work, school or professional designation.

I try to make it less dry and more engaging by injecting some fun. I've been obsessing with Game of Thrones (I mean who hasn't?) so I decided to use this as a theme for my class today.

Searched and printed some House sigils to use for the class. Seperated the groups into three and watch them compete against each other. Stark vs Targaryen vs Lannisters, and just to kick it up a notch I gave the Lannisters two points to begin with because they are the rich house.

Here is a video of each house lol.

Each House competed for points by correctly answering questions or by being the first to volunteer to do something... BTW the Starks won big time, followed by the Targaryens and lastly......the Lannisters. Not even the two point advantage could save them here.

Here are each Houses treating an open fracture of the lower limb.

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